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How to Help Without Buying Art

Do you want to support me, but have a houseful of my art already? Perhaps you are more into abstracts, dark pieces, or just don’t have room for my work?

Most artists have a difficult time making a living. We all need benefactors of all types in order to achieve our goals. Art is a community project, and if you don’t have artistic talent, you can support it in many ways:

  • Buy original or prints from an artist instead of from big chain stores
  • Share, like, and comment on social media – it helps artists get seen by other people
  • Subscribe to their Patreon
  • Send them art supplies and gift cards
  • Send them coupons for art supplies
  • Tell others about their work

If you are interested in subscribing to my Patreon account and helping me achieve my goals, you will be helping me pay my bills, buy art supplies, buy show supplies, pay show fees, pay entry fees, hire someone to help me with my shows, and other art related stuff.

There are even rewards for different giving levels. For more information, visit my Patreon Page

Click here to become a benefactor for whatever monthly amount you choose

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