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Memories for the Holidays

If you have ever lost a loved one, you know the holidays can be especially difficult. Whether it’s a lost pet or a beloved sister, mother, brother or cousin, holiday gatherings and memories around traditions can make the losses more poignant.

grace-wideHoliday ornaments help provide that touch of the loved one during these painful moments. They aren’t just for Christmas trees or any one specific holiday. Ornaments can be hung from holders like this one, or from cup hooks, jewelry trees, or simply hung from a pretty ribbon in a window.


Each portrait ornament is painted on a four-inch round, half-inch thick, ceramic bisque-finished round ornament. They are substantial and relatively durable (though definitely still breakable). After painting, they are sealed to reduce the effects of time and wear on the acrylic. I still recommend you store and display them with care.

I hand paint every ornament from a photo you provide me, or from various reference photos I already have, if you cannot provide me with one. Pets are $50 each, and humans are $100 each. I can do other custom ornaments for $50-75 depending on the subject.

If you are interested in a portrait ornament, email me at

Browse through some of the other – primarily parrot – portrait ornaments below:


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