"Eleanora" - a painting depicting an approaching African elephant with a cattle egret perched on its shoulder, by Janet Bray

The first painting which inspired the Safari Series, which was exhibited at MAHEC in Asheville, NC in 2016. It was also on display during a one-woman show at the Western North Carolina Counseling center in 2016 and in the Westside Co-Op in trendy, artsy West Asheville during 2016 and 2017. 

Eleanora represents my maternal grandmother, Eleanor, whose talent I was blessed to recieve, along with books, brushes, and other items from her possession. I feel her when I paint, and I think about her every time I pick up a lovingly held brush or skim over her notes in her art books.  Elephants remind me of my grandmother because they are maternal and gentle, they have a fierce spirit when needed but the foresight to pick their battles. Wise and compassionate, their natures reflect my grandmother’s.

As I painted this, I remembered the nature and wildlife documentaries with which I have been fascinated for years, and the theme carried the remainder of my Safari Series.

36×48″ Acrylic on Canvas.
Original available.
Prints available.
Signed JBray.



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