2016 · Birds · Birds · Colored Pencil · Small Format (5-20")

Tater Tot

Tater Tot was a tiny featherless sparrow I rescued from under a tree on a hot day in May 2006. After multiple attempts to get his parents to feed him, I realized he was not going to be taken care of. On further inspection, I discovered he had a deformed leg, and took him home with me to rehabilitate and raise. His lifespan in the wild was expected to be four years; he lived over ten years comfortably. He brought me much wild birdsong and joy, and a new appreciation for these ubiquitous birds we often come to think of as pests. His spunky personality lit up our home, and I will never forget the blessings he brought with his cheer and pluck.

8″x10″ Colored Pencil on Toned Paper
Private Collection
*signed JBray

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