2003 · blue · green · Miniatures (under 5") · Paintings · Parrots · Small Format (5-20") · Watercolor · yellow

Blue and Gold Macaw

I love parrots. They are incredibly complex, emotional creatures, and they have a powerful weapon right on their face. They fit into our lives, learning our language, understanding our non-verbal cues better than we do ourselves. It is all in the eyes. There are thoughts forming and connections developing every second.  I can just imagine what this blue and gold macaw is thinking. Is it mischievous? Or loving? Or both? Only his companions know…
My first painting love was parrots. And this was the first one that I ever sold. It was sold in 2003 at an auction for the Dishman Art Gallery, to benefit Lamar University. A co-worker at Lamar had convinced me to enter something and overcome my fears of putting my work out there. When it sold, I was ecstatic, even though my portion of the proceeds did not cover the cost — framing is very expensive!

Watercolor pencil on paper, mounted with naturally-shed blue and gold macaw feathers.
Original in private collection.
Prints available.
*signed JBray

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