2000 · 2017 · Acrylic · Browns · Landscape & Architecture · Small Format (5-20") · yellow

Forgotten Chores: 17 years of practice

The above painting is the very first realistic-style acrylic painting I ever did. Now, don’t misunderstand. I did not magically know how to paint. This is from a lesson in a book, and I’d done some drawing and painting before, but the painting was more cartoon-style, and the drawing was just in pencil.
However, when my lesson was complete, that day back in January of 2000, I stood back in a little shock, surprised with how much I liked what I’d painted. It gave me the confidence to continue, and I’ve been thoroughly enchanted with painting ever since.
There has been a trend on Facebook groups to re-draw or re-paint something you’d done years before, to show the progress you’ve made over the years. So here’s mine. In my original, I followed the lesson instructions rather exactly. In the modern one, I chose to reflect more of my current style rather than the specific techniques described in the original lesson.  17 years separate the two.
Which one is your favorite?

Forgotten Chores – 2017 Version

Forgotten Chores 2017

8×10″ Acrylic on Canvas Panel
2000 Original in personal collection.
2017 Original available
*signed JBray

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