2016 · Acrylic · Birds · Fauna · Nature · Paintings · Waterfowl

Black Swan

black swan (n)
an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences.

This piece expressed my shock and horror at an event that I did not foresee which completely obliterated my seemingly stable life. The details do not matter; however there was a great deal of pain shared by several people, and new lives for two. Mine was one of those new lives.

This is a poem I wrote as a companion to this piece.

Black Swan

There is naught so deeply painful
as a heart broken by surprise,
because the surprise itself
is a violation.
It is unstable ground beneath my feet;
an earthquake
in terrain concealing unseen fault lines.
It is a black winged soul
coming from nowhere
to plunder and carry me off.
It is a thief of security.

Shimmering behind
the contrails of the midnight wings
lies a mirage
of a future not chosen.
A future thrust into being
by the choices of one
who stood to lose nothing.
An after-this-life that I now understand
belongs to me alone.

Let me choose wisely
of the best of poor options,
and sow future joy
in the destruction of today.

  • – Janet Bray

16×20″ acrylic on canvas.
Signed JBray.

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