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Custom Football Memorabilia

Sometimes, I get commission requests that are so cool and different that I just have to take them, even if they are a departure from my typical work. This was one such case.

69345674_10156669043336713_2823303074217459712_nMyles Murphy, a high school senior and football phenom at Hillgrove High in Powder Springs, near Atlanta, Georgia, is dating Lauren, the daughter of one of my lifelong friends. (She comes by that sassy expression and personality quite honestly.) Myles is a highly ranked defensive end and has committed to Clemson next fall. 24/7 Sports has him ranked at number 3 in the nation.

Lauren had seen a jacket she fancied, and requested her boyfriend Myles be immortalized on the back of her jacket for football games and pep rallies. She wanted everyone to see how amazing her boyfriend is.

She sent me this photo and asked if I could do something like it.


Naturally, I had to take her up on her request, and soon the jean jacket arrived ready to be emblazoned with her love’s name and likeness on the back. She sent me the photo she wanted to use — Myles about to take down a competing football player — and asked his name to be on the yoke above it.


The sketch came together pretty easily, and she got very excited to see it.


The portrait flowed like fine wine, and soon I was adding the name on the yoke.


Both Myles and his girlfriend Lauren were blown away by the jacket. Her mother said that there were mobs around to check out Lauren’s jacket. I’m just happy it made them all so happy!


Do you think I did as good a job as the inspiration jacket? Let me know in the comments!

I’d be open to more projects like this in the future, so if you’re interested in your own custom apparel for the upcoming football season, hit me up at janetmcelroyartist@gmail.com or on Instagram @inspiredhues or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/inspirehue. (Prices vary depending on the project.)

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