Be an InspireHue Hero!

Want to be my favorite person AND get something cool in return? Check out my fundraiser for a much-needed external studio space! I have a lovely spot where I can put this building, and outfit it to be an environmentally friendly, no-impact studio, where I can do bigger and better things. You can be a hero by making my dream come true. ❤

With your help, I can transform this sweet little cottage into a wonderful place to create art, teach others to create, and do big things for little charities like animal rescues. All I need is a few more windows, a solar system, and insulation and drywall.  The labor and the site has already been donated — all that’s left is this little gem.

Donate, and in return you get a LOT of art in the process!

Check it out here:

You might even be the one to take home Eleanora for 1/3rd the price listed below. Follow through to the link above to see what each giving level will provide you in return for your generous donation.

"Eleanora" - a painting depicting an approaching African elephant with a cattle egret perched on its shoulder, by Janet Bray
“Eleanora” Acrylic on CanvasBuy This Original Painting – $3000
Buy A Fine Art Print

Blessings, love and light!



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