Studio Milestones

As I prepare to take delivery of a cute little she-shed next week that will officially kick off this project, I decided to share my milestones for fundraising. It’s so much more fun to check steps off a project list than to just call it done when it’s over!

I’m also a very organized person and really love the idea of having my lil checklist. Anyone who knows me will testify that I have lists, and lists of my lists, and usually a master list of all of those lists too. (My daughter has, like, 5 planners and uses all of them, and she came by that 100% naturally!) So for those listy listertons like me, I hope you enjoy walking down the list with me this fall!

GRAND MASTER PLAN for the Perfect New Studio™

  1. Locate and sign off on the Perfect New Studio™
  2. Accept delivery and site installation of Perfect New Studio™
  3. Move in and set up a temporary workspace – (I’m in a space crunch right now!)
  4. Have 2 months of payments set aside **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE: $550
  5. Buy several new-to-me windows for the southern exposed side (donations of windows gratefully appreciated!) **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE $300
  6. Install windows (labor already donated, material I already have on hand)
  7. Buy drywall and insulation and have delivered (donations of materials greatly appreciated) **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE $1000
  8. Install drywall and insulation and mud in (labor already donated), paint (materials on hand)
  9. Have 4 months of payments set aside **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE: $550
  10. Purchase Solar System: 2 panels, charge controller, inverter, battery. (Donations greatly appreciated.) **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE $900
  11. Install Solar System
  12. Install lighting – LED and Full Spectrum Flourescents. (Donations greatly appreciated.)
  13. Have 6 months of payments set aside **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE $550
  14. Buy Climate Control: air conditioning unit and a propane heater (Donations greatly appreciated.) **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE $200
  15. Build Workbench down the southern side under the windows. (Labor already donated. Materials probably already on hand.)
  16. Have 8 months of payments set aside **FUNDRAISING MILESTONE $550
  17. Build/procure built in cabinets on the west wall. (Donations greatly appreciated)
  18. Build painting drying rack (probably a future project)
  19. Build Hanging System for the north wall, where the completed pieces will hang
  20. Decorate
  21. CELEBRATE! Grand Opening!



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