2020 · Acrylic · blue · flowers · Large Format (over 20") · pink · Tree of Life Art Gallery + Studios


30x40 Acrylic on Canvas Original Available through Tree of Life Art Gallery + Studio > Click here to buy

2019 · Acrylic · Large Format (over 20") · Other Collectibles · people · Uncategorized

Custom Football Memorabilia

Sometimes, I get commission requests that are so cool and different that I just have to take them, even if they are a departure from my typical work. This was one such case. Myles Murphy, a high school senior and football phenom at Hillgrove High in Powder Springs, near Atlanta, Georgia, is dating Lauren, the… Continue reading Custom Football Memorabilia

2011 · Birds · blue · Digital Media · green · Large Format (over 20") · Miniatures (under 5") · Parrots · Small Format (5-20")

Blue Budgie

This blue budgerigar, known here the United States as a parakeet, was painted in digital oils. This seems mysterious to many people, but it is quite simple. The software I use, along with a digital stylus, allows me to use tools that behave very similar to oils, without the mess. In some respects, this method… Continue reading Blue Budgie

2016 · Acrylic · Large Format (over 20") · Paintings · Parrots · safari series

Greenwing Macaw

Part of the Safari Series, "Greenwing Macaw" was exhibited at MAHEC in Asheville, NC in 2016, and was relinquished to its private owner shortly afterward.  This piece also illustrates the endangered nature of most of our world's parrots, along with its greatest threat reflected in its eyes: Habitat destruction. A single canopy-level tree is reflected… Continue reading Greenwing Macaw

2016 · Acrylic · blue · Browns · Fauna · green · Large Format (over 20") · Paintings · safari series · Small Format (5-20")

No Poaching

Another in the Safari Series, "No Poaching" illustrates the fate of an alarming number of rhinoceros. These majestic horns, made of nothing more than keratin, are thought to be an aphrodesiac, and it has led to poaching until the species is nearly extinct.  In the reflection of the rhino's eye, you can make out the… Continue reading No Poaching

2012 · Birds · Large Format (over 20") · Paintings · Parrots · Watercolor

Robert Goes Home

20"x24" Watercolor on PaperOriginal in private collection*signed JBray Robert was an African Grey in his 30s who had never flown in life. Like many African Greys, Robert had phobias. One of his was, strangely, flying. Because of his phobia, he did not live life as a normal parrot. When he passed away, his human companions… Continue reading Robert Goes Home

2016 · Acrylic · Greys · Large Format (over 20") · Paintings · safari series · Small Format (5-20") · zebras


Stampede is part of the Safari Series. It has been exhibited at MAHEC in Asheville, NC in 2016, at the Westside Co-Op in trendy West Asheville during 2016 and 2017, and at the Contemporary Art Exchange in Washington, NC in 2019. It was recognized and licensed by the Dysautonomia International non-profit for reprinting on popsockets… Continue reading Stampede

2016 · Acrylic · Elephants · Greys · Large Format (over 20") · safari series · Small Format (5-20") · Turquoise · yellow


The first painting which inspired the Safari Series, which was exhibited at MAHEC in Asheville, NC in 2016. It was also on display during a one-woman show at the Western North Carolina Counseling center in 2016 and in the Westside Co-Op in trendy, artsy West Asheville during 2016 and 2017. Eleanora represents my maternal grandmother, Eleanor,… Continue reading Eleanora