2020 · Acrylic · blue · flowers · Large Format (over 20") · pink · Tree of Life Art Gallery + Studios


30x40 Acrylic on Canvas Original Available through Tree of Life Art Gallery + Studio > Click here to buy

2019 · Acrylic · flowers · Landscape & Architecture · Small Format (5-20")

To Be Texan

A commissioned piece for my nephew, a displaced Texan, this piece symbolizes what it means to be Texan. Angus cattle in a ranch pasture, bluebonnets growing around cedar posts and barbed wire fences, the cowboy hat and the waving flag all bring together the pride and grit that makes Texans so proud of their heritage.… Continue reading To Be Texan

2017 · Acrylic · flowers · Landscape & Architecture · Nature · Small Format (5-20")

Blue Ridge Vista with Blackeyed Susans

Blue Ridge Parkway views are some of the most beautiful in the world. These old mountains here in the Smokies are the oldest on earth, and their soft peaks unfold in the distance as far as you can see. South of Asheville, North Carolina, the black balsams and the blackeyed susans and coneflowers dominate, leaving… Continue reading Blue Ridge Vista with Blackeyed Susans