2020 · Acrylic · people · Small Format (5-20")

Myles Murphy’s Clemson Football Portrait

Myles Murphy's football portrait for his first year at Clemson University as a defensive end. This commissioned portrait is on the back of a black jacket owned by Lauren Jackson, Myles' girlfriend.

2019 · Acrylic · Large Format (over 20") · Other Collectibles · people · Uncategorized

Custom Football Memorabilia

Sometimes, I get commission requests that are so cool and different that I just have to take them, even if they are a departure from my typical work. This was one such case. Myles Murphy, a high school senior and football phenom at Hillgrove High in Powder Springs, near Atlanta, Georgia, is dating Lauren, the… Continue reading Custom Football Memorabilia

2016 · people · Small Format (5-20") · Watercolor

One in Six Million

Although this is an unusually macabre subject for me, it has its poignancy. In 2016, I visited Paris and toured the catacombs beneath the city. The skeletons of six million people -- the contents of several cemeteries and churches, victims of the plague and French Revolution, and victims of other natural and, often obviously unnatural,… Continue reading One in Six Million

2016 · people · Small Format (5-20") · Watercolor

Quinceañera Portrait

This lovely portrait commissioned for a quinceañera was a pleasure to portray in light colored spring colors in watercolor. Quinceañeras are birthday celebrations of the Mexican culture that celebrate a young girl's graduation to womanhood, and are marked with a large party, lavish dresses, dancing and music, and are a very special occasion for every… Continue reading Quinceañera Portrait