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Commissioned by a mother whose daughter had lost her beloved dog, Indy's portrait was the first dog portrait I'd undertaken at the time.  It was a joy to be able to lift Indy's human's spirits with this reminder of the love she'd shared with her canine companion. Indy's photo is in the upper right for… Continue reading Indy

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Portrait Ornaments: Birds

Stylish portrait ornaments are a unique way to remember a lost pet, commemorate an event, or create a holiday to remember. These can be hung as portraits, on Christmas trees, on walls, in windows... They are made of ceramic, measure approximately 4"x4". They are heavy and fine quality, painted with the same professional quality paints… Continue reading Portrait Ornaments: Birds

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Black Palm Cockatoo

My "Showoffs" series of four paintings featured cockatoos with outrageous crests. This one is the Black Palm cockatoo, a huge creature whose bright red cheek patches -- bare skin -- make them one of the most distinctively beautiful species of parrots. They are very intelligent, as with most parrot species, using tools as musical instruments… Continue reading Black Palm Cockatoo

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Pacific Parrotlets in Love

I've always been fascinated by parrotlets. Tiny little bundles of energy and fierce attitudes, they are devoted to their mate. And when they snuggle together, tucking their heads behind their wings, they form the shape of a heart. These two - mutations in green and blue - are done in digital pastels. This means it… Continue reading Pacific Parrotlets in Love

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Rainbow Lory

A close-in view of a Rainbow Lorikeet, painted primarily with palette knife in an impasto fashion, with acrylic and watercolor details in the eye. These birds are different from other parrots because they eat only nectar. They can be found all along the Central and Northern American Continent. 11"x14" acrylic on canvas panel Original in… Continue reading Rainbow Lory

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Robert Goes Home

20"x24" Watercolor on PaperOriginal in private collection*signed JBray Robert was an African Grey in his 30s who had never flown in life. Like many African Greys, Robert had phobias. One of his was, strangely, flying. Because of his phobia, he did not live life as a normal parrot. When he passed away, his human companions… Continue reading Robert Goes Home