Artist of the Natural World

Mother's Love - a painting depicting a mother giraffe nuzzling a newborn, by Janet Bray
“A Mother’s Love” Acrylic on canvas, 20×24

My art expresses the natural world in all its splendor. I find inspiration in the colors, the luminous qualities of elements like fall leaves in the sun, bird feathers reflecting the sky, and the deep earthy feeling of tall grass and humus underfoot. The majesty of the hawk’s-eye view from a mountaintop and the humbling emotions that overwhelm one at the sea’s edge. The way a black-eyed susan with its yellow collar of petals nods its head in the summer breeze. The colors of heirloom vegetables reflecting the spectrum around us.

"Poplar Leaf Study"Equally, I admire and respect the flawed edges, the holes in leaves where an insect has fed, the crooked tree trunk, the gnarled vine climbing for heaven. It grounds me, reminds me that we are all flawed, and that makes us even more beautiful. Without that which makes us unique, there is only sameness. Perfection is undesirable to me.

I find compassion and joy in animal life. My paintings reflect my deep connection to that which defines the animal. The elephant’s considered gait, the zebra’s sense of community, the giraffe’s motherly instinct and the manatee’s playfulness all bring me great peace. I strive to communicate that in my work, capturing the deep sense of bonding between species – us and them – and occasionally, very subtly, pointing out how we as humans can improve their lots in life. And how they improve our quality of life by their very existence, by example and by their completion of our family tree. They complete us, and I seek to complete them.

The paintings listed on this page are originals for sale. Some have prints available as well. To get a better view, click on the image. To purchase, contact me.



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