2000 · 2017 · Acrylic · Browns · Landscape & Architecture · Small Format (5-20") · yellow

Forgotten Chores: 17 years of practice

The above painting is the very first realistic-style acrylic painting I ever did. Now, don't misunderstand. I did not magically know how to paint. This is from a lesson in a book, and I'd done some drawing and painting before, but the painting was more cartoon-style, and the drawing was just in pencil. However, when… Continue reading Forgotten Chores: 17 years of practice

2014 · Acrylic · blue · flowers · green · Paintings · Small Format (5-20")

Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas, my home state. While I was still living there, I took the reference photo near Fredericksburg, Texas, on State Highway 16 just going north out of town. It was a spectacular year for wildflowers; it had been a wet fall and winter, and when the blues bloomed, it… Continue reading Texas Bluebonnets

2016 · Acrylic · blue · Browns · Fauna · green · Large Format (over 20") · Paintings · safari series · Small Format (5-20")

No Poaching

Another in the Safari Series, "No Poaching" illustrates the fate of an alarming number of rhinoceros. These majestic horns, made of nothing more than keratin, are thought to be an aphrodesiac, and it has led to poaching until the species is nearly extinct.  In the reflection of the rhino's eye, you can make out the… Continue reading No Poaching