2017 · Acrylic · Dogs · Paintings · Small Format (5-20")

Maggie Mae

Maggie Mae is a lively little girl who came from nowhere to claim her mom and dad in rural Central Texas. She has since blossomed from a timid pup to a dog who actually possesses a sense of humor along with a well developed love delivery system. Her mom and dad, both musicians and creatives… Continue reading Maggie Mae

2014 · Dogs · Paintings · people · Small Format (5-20") · Watercolor

The Dog Guy

Boyd is a rough, tough airline mechanic who has a soft spot for dogs. And an even softer one for American Staffordshire Terriers.  Boyd's strong values give him lots of energy to put into his work, motorcycling, and helping rescue and rehome pibbles in need. His gruff exterior makes the perfect companion for photographs with… Continue reading The Dog Guy