2019 · Acrylic · flowers · green · Small Format (5-20") · Turquoise


Clover blooms, the experts say, are an important food source for our honeybees. They are humble little blooms we take for granted. We walk on them without thought, except perhaps to absently note that maybe we should mow the grass.  They are hardy and sweet, full of the sugary stuff bees crave. Such an important… Continue reading Clover

2015 · blue · flowers · green · Landscape & Architecture · people · Small Format (5-20") · Watercolor · yellow

Coneflowers on the Parkway

I am incredibly blessed to live within a couple of miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway as it passes through Asheville, North Carolina. Up here, the mountains provide some breathtaking vistas, and the parkway provides access to some choice locations to sit and ponder. It is a spiritual, calming experience for me. In parts, the… Continue reading Coneflowers on the Parkway

2018 · Acrylic · blue · Browns · flowers · green · Landscape & Architecture · Paintings · Small Format (5-20")

Reflections of Bath Abbey

Taken from a photo I captured while on vacation in Bath, England, this windowbox frames a reflection in a window of Bath's majestic Abbey. The window is in the building across the cobblestone road from the Abbey, and it houses the ancient Roman Baths, for which the town is named.   The beautiful cool fall day,… Continue reading Reflections of Bath Abbey

2017 · Acrylic · Birds · flowers · green · Paintings · red · Small Format (5-20")

Ruby Hummer

The light shimmers off the ruby-throated hummingbird's feathers as it energetically hovers over the lantana. The vibration of these fairy-like birds prevents us from seeing their true beauty, rendering them blurs of energy as they zoom past from one flower to the next. Their sparkling plumage is always an inspiration as it reflects not only… Continue reading Ruby Hummer

2014 · Acrylic · blue · flowers · green · Paintings · Small Format (5-20")

Texas Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas, my home state. While I was still living there, I took the reference photo near Fredericksburg, Texas, on State Highway 16 just going north out of town. It was a spectacular year for wildflowers; it had been a wet fall and winter, and when the blues bloomed, it… Continue reading Texas Bluebonnets