2020 · Acrylic · Birds · blue · people · purple · Small Format (5-20") · Tree of Life Art Gallery + Studios


Iridescent and metallic acrylic paint give this show off peacock a subtle glimmer. Original available for purchase.

2000 · 2017 · Acrylic · Browns · Landscape & Architecture · Small Format (5-20") · yellow

Forgotten Chores: 17 years of practice

The above painting is the very first realistic-style acrylic painting I ever did. Now, don't misunderstand. I did not magically know how to paint. This is from a lesson in a book, and I'd done some drawing and painting before, but the painting was more cartoon-style, and the drawing was just in pencil. However, when… Continue reading Forgotten Chores: 17 years of practice

2014 · green · orange · Paintings · purple · red · Small Format (5-20") · vegetables · Watercolor · yellow

Heirloom Carrots

The colors of vegetables always fascinate me.  Through our produce, we have the full visible spectrum of pigments, but many lie in the beta-carotene spectrum which controls the amount of red pigment.  I find them beautiful and a reminder that our natural world provides much more variety in foodstuffs than we are used to seeing… Continue reading Heirloom Carrots

2014 · green · Paintings · Small Format (5-20") · vegetables · Watercolor

Spring Greens

Three of the first vegetables to come forward in spring: asparagus, spring peas and green onions. These small and light watercolors are perfect framed as a grouping or in a single print. I have several other vegetable watercolors that offer a wider variety of the gorgeous colors of produce. 3 - 4"x6" Watercolor on PaperOriginals… Continue reading Spring Greens

2016 · Acrylic · Greys · Large Format (over 20") · Paintings · safari series · Small Format (5-20") · zebras


Stampede is part of the Safari Series. It has been exhibited at MAHEC in Asheville, NC in 2016, at the Westside Co-Op in trendy West Asheville during 2016 and 2017, and at the Contemporary Art Exchange in Washington, NC in 2019. It was recognized and licensed by the Dysautonomia International non-profit for reprinting on popsockets… Continue reading Stampede