2019 · Acrylic · Mixed Media · Paintings · people · Small Format (5-20")


Dennis was the beloved husband of my client. By all accounts, he was a remarkable man. Loving, loyal, and possessing of a green thumb that brought flowers and joy to his wife's days. She commissioned me to make a portrait of her husband that would reflect these qualities.  Her joy was so great it brought… Continue reading Dennis

2018 · Acrylic · Fauna · Paintings · people · Small Format (5-20")

The Keean Butterfly

Keean Scott Austin McElroy was a sunny spark of a boy.  He was the youngest of the McElroy family, with a big sister and two absolutely devoted parents. His dimples flashed when he was being silly, and he loved with his whole heart. He made friends with, it seems, just about everyone who saw him.… Continue reading The Keean Butterfly

2014 · Dogs · Paintings · people · Small Format (5-20") · Watercolor

The Dog Guy

Boyd is a rough, tough airline mechanic who has a soft spot for dogs. And an even softer one for American Staffordshire Terriers.  Boyd's strong values give him lots of energy to put into his work, motorcycling, and helping rescue and rehome pibbles in need. His gruff exterior makes the perfect companion for photographs with… Continue reading The Dog Guy