2014 · flowers · green · Paintings · pink · Small Format (5-20") · Watercolor

Hibiscus Dreams

Hibiscus are such a lovely, wrinkly, flowy, foldy flower that inspires me over and over, yet it is so incredibly difficult to capture. This unfolding flowing view inspired this watercolor. 9x12" Watercolor on paper. Original in private collection. Prints available. *signed JBray

2012 · Birds · Large Format (over 20") · Paintings · Parrots · Watercolor

Robert Goes Home

20"x24" Watercolor on PaperOriginal in private collection*signed JBray Robert was an African Grey in his 30s who had never flown in life. Like many African Greys, Robert had phobias. One of his was, strangely, flying. Because of his phobia, he did not live life as a normal parrot. When he passed away, his human companions… Continue reading Robert Goes Home